The Sorta Scary Monster Movie | Official Stikbot Movie (2023)


Welcome to Buck's Haunted House, the 2nd scariest place in the county! A group of Stikbots head to a haunted house that was recently named "too terrifying" by the local newspaper. Dan, Bill, and Jerry all back out, but Steve decides to go on the ride not expecting anything to scare him... Although Grim, Aquafang, Cerberus, Insector, Gigantus, Goblin, Kyron, and Scorch fail, Giggles the evil clown does not! Steve is screaming in terror and runs home the fastest he has ever done so in his entire life. The owner, Buck has fell behind Dr. Terror's The Terror House for several years. In the past, he has hired animatronics such as Five Nights at Freddy's (FNAF) Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy. Now, he is using real monsters in a cost-cutting move to emulate the new change that his competitor has made. The monsters were captured back in their home worlds, where they had normal jobs. Now they are forced to work for free with only one way to escape their misery, make their uninspired haunted house too horrifying! Under the tutelage of Giggles, they train to become the scariest monsters they can be. The scare inspector, Alistiar Benjamin arrives for his review of Buck's Haunted House. If they fail to get him to close down the park, nothing will change... Can they become real Stikbot Monsters and close down the park? Will they ever make it back home?

This is The Sorta Scary Monster Movie, an Official Stikbot Movie, in full!

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Psh, real monsters? The only real monsters around here is Dan's Mom., RAWR!, Hey! I, don't know, Jeremey rode this last week and he hasn't been the same.


Jeremey jumps when someone sneezes.


If that doesn't convince you.

What about this? I found this in the library the other day.

They had to shut down a haunted house cause.

It was too scary.


If this ones the same? Trust me it's not.

Give me that thing.

Ugh, the Haunted House cost 4 tickets.

Come on! What.

Are you waiting, for?, Oh..., ah..., I? Think I'll just watch from outside.

Are you kidding me?! I'm gonna stay out as well..

Me too.

Whatever! Just watch when I come out.

The other side of this thing, bored to tears.

Please, keep your hands and feet in the cart at all.


Do not touch the Monster and try not to die.

By sitting down you've waived all liability.

Enjoy and have a spooky ride! Ts..what.

A cornball.

This is gonna, be so stupid.

Welcome to Bucks Haunted House, where around every corner is a spectacle of Terror.

We'd like to thank our sponsor Michels Market.

Michels market prices.


low it's scary., Whooooooo...

whoooooo..., hooo, (Yawns), BORING.

(High, pitched screech) Phew, WHAT REEKS? Something smells like it died down.


Had enough yet?! Well we're just getting started.

Now it's time to enter the Hall of Mythical Terror! Feast your eyes on Cerberus, the 3-headed monster waiting to tear you to shreds.

Wake up you stupid, dog!, *groans*, Ew.., ew.., ew., ew., ew., I, HATE, BUGS., Ow.., Ow.., ow..

Well, that was easy.

*growls* Back! Evil Dragon.

Finally! Something cool.

Come on ROAST HIM.

I will vanquish you., *coughs*, *coughs, more*, Ugh! Come on.

come on you, weak dragon., BOOO! The, fire of a million suns! He didn't even burn you! This ride.

Stinks!!! I am burning..

You're almost to the end, and we've got one surprise.

.so don't..., *ugh* Hey.

Is this thing busted or what? Hey! This stupid, ride, broke.

Someone! Let me out of here.

*giggling in the distance* Uh...

hello? Hello? Some..

somebody there? *creepy, laughter* Ok, I've had enough! This, isn't cool anymore.

Let me out.

*sinister laughter* *groans in terror*, *evil laughter*, Hello..., hello?!, *giggles* Uh..

start moving; now.




Where did he go? Hello, friend.

*SCREAMS* Don't Run!? I just want a new friend.

*screams continues* *screams in terror* Those.

Don't look like tears of boredom Steve-o! Can.

You tell us a little bit about yourself? Well, my name's Buck owner and operator of Bucks Haunted House, going on 17 years.



Have you always had real monsters in your haunted, house? No..


Back in the old days it used to be Bots and rubber masks.


Then it was animatronics, mostly cuz.

Kids, like this certain frightening video game.

And now, we have monsters.

Why go with real monsters? Well, you'd have to ask Dr.


He runs the other haunted house in the country, and he was the first to get real monsters.


Once he switched, I didn't have a choice.

You know what they say: survive or die.

The choice to obtain real monsters was made clear when I learned of a passageway to alternative dimensions, I've collected the scariest monsters, I could find and have you ever seen, a scale rating of terrifying.

Every essence.

It seems like Buck is following in your footsteps.

Buck has always done what he can.

Not everyone can succeed in this business.

What's scary.

One year is a joke: the next.

*low murmurs* Okay ya'll, listen up.

Another day, another bunch of pathetic scares.


These stupid meetings.

Everything we do STINKS, Giggles is amazing..

Blah.., blah..., blah.., blah blah blah.

I'm over it.

I, actually think Giggles is just misunderstood.


What?, He's, nuts! Yeah and he's making us look.


Well, sorry for caring! UGH! Here.

We got again! *dogs, bark* Just.

Look at this trash! Boo! Boo.., Boo., Boo!, *groans* What was that Grimm?! He didn't even look up from his phone.

Sorry Boss, I did everything I could.

It's, alright man, next time.

Horse Feathers! You're, just flopping around like a fish out of water.

Speaking of fish AquaFang when you gonna clean out your tank? Ugh..., but the smell adds to the scaryness.


Don't understand why Buck is so offended by my natural scent.

I think I smell exquisite., Tank, Stank, aint, scary!, Now, clean it out! I'm, not running no two-bit dunk tank., *scoffs*, Today tuna, breath!, *scoffss.


Show you a clean, tank.

This whole operation is a disaster.

You're, not scaring anyone.

We're doing the best that we can.

We could review your guy's mistakes, all night.


The only thing scary in here is me before my coffee.

Anyone? I'll.

Let's all save ourselves.

The embarrassment watch a few of Giggles highlights.

*giggles* You know.

None of us were scary.

Back in our home worlds.

I'm, a doctor, a pediatrician actually.

Now I'm trapped in some second-rate haunted house being yelled at by a buffoon named Buck and being compared to psychopathic clown named Giggles? I love, children I, don't want to scare them.

*Giggles, evil, laughter, echos*, *Stikbot, screams* Giggles made that Bot LEAVE his child behind.


What I'm looking for.

Now must I remind you what happens to monsters who don't do their jobs? (Together) "You'll banish us to the forgotten realm" Mm-hmm.

That's right., Yeah, Buck's, always telling us about this forgotten realm, but I, don't even think it exists.


It exists.


I've already banished a few of them monsters to it.


You show it to us? I would but uh I'm, very busy.

Now, listen, here.! We've! Only got a few weeks before Alistair Benjamin comes through for the inspection.

Each year.

Every haunted house in the country is given a scare grade.


Each year we've scored lower than Dr.

Terror's, which is crazy because I'm, the scariest dude around right? Right? Anybody? That's right.


How many haunted houses are in the county? Uh..

yeah, two.

I know it's not a competition, but it'd be nice to score higher than a Doctor Terror for once, and now that Giggles is here, I think we finally can get it done.

There's nice, having monsters around here with some passion for the business.

*boo!* GIGGLES! He, just loves to scare! And? What about the other monsters? What.

Do you think of them? Well..

They ain't, the most motivated bunch.

ain't, the most motivated Bunch, mostly on account that I picked up a binding spell from a wizard keeps them attached to the house.



That binding spell is a real doozy.

If there's one thing, Bucks been great at.

Is, keeping a bunch of monsters that can tear him to shreds under control by a cheap spell.

*Wheezes* Apparently Buck got the spell when he was stealing us from her home.

If I ever find that wizard, who helped him he's gonna, be worm.



that spells pretty great.

The only thing I got to do is keep this house running.


Those monsters are here to stay I, don't even have to pay them.

No overhead! How long.

Have you been scare inspector? I've been on the job for 12 years, now.


Do you look for in a terrifying haunted, house? I'm, not scared of much these days.

In fact.

My only real fear is a bunny rabbits.

But I look for is a good sense of originality, , uniqueness.


We see kids wetting their pants, that's definitely a plus.

Bucks, so cheap.

He won't even hire a cleaner.

What a sleeve ball.



Did you make us meet in here? It's, the only place we can hide from Buck.

We could of met at the salad.


You'll never find him there!, *all, snickers*, Listen, I.

Think we found our way out of here.


I can't read.


me neither.

The article says there was an old haunted house that was closed down by the scare inspector for being too scary.


What's that have to do with us? Don't you get it? All we need to do is scare the inspector so much that he has to shut us.


Then, we'll be free., Ahh..., yeah, I, think I know where you're getting at.

I'll SCARE THE PANTS OFF, THE, INSPECTOR! You're, not scary., Yes, I, am! (together in unison), "No, you're, not" No.

We need a truly terrifying, monster.

Giggles just needs the teaches his ways.

But he's crazy., Yes, I'd prefer not to work with lunatics.

So you'd rather be stuck in the stupid ride.

Forever? This is our only chance to be free and Giggles is our only hope.

Now I need a few volunteers to go talk to him.

(low murmurs of no...) Forget it, I'll.

Do it myself., Giggles?, Hello?, Giggles! I need to talk to you.

It's important.

Geez this place is a dump.


Oh, my goodness.

Why do you have to be so scary?? It? Is what I was born to do.

Well, then you're, just the clown for the job.

I need you to train us how to be scary.

So we can get the house shut.

Down., Shut, down? Why would I want that? I love to scare.


Can you cut the act for one second?, Fine.

Thank, you.

Look? We all want to go home, but the only way we can do that is if we scare the inspector so good.

He has no other choice but to shut us down.


If I don't have the house, where am I going to scare everyone? Think of it as an opportunity., Once you're free, you can scare everyone, anywhere you want.


Anywhere?, That's, right., There's a whole world to terrify.


I, like that.

*Evil, laughs*, Great.

Let's, get to work.

And cue, the cheesy training, montage.

*dogs bark* *cheers* Just.

What we needed a cheesy training montage.

Good evening, Mr.


Great night for a scare.

Is it not?, Why, yes, Buck.

That is why I've scheduled Dr.Terrors house after yours, .

Don't, want to end the night disappointed.


Don't think that will be the case.

This year.

I hope you didn't EAT anything recently.

Don't want it coming out of either end.

You've always had a way with words: Buck.


Let's get this over with.

Uh..., the Haunted House cost 4 tickets.

Alright now.

This here is the scare Inspector.

He only pays a half price.

I hope to see you on the other.

Side! Please.

Have my car ready.

Oh my...

What is that smell? I'm fine..


Oh...? This just is an odd puppy..., *dog growls* Oh gosh.

It's got three heads! Three HEADS! Oh no..., no, no no!, Ew.., ew., Ew, ew, ew!, Creepy, crawly.

Let, go of the car! Get that axe away from me! "I am burning" "The fire of a million suns!" I've been waiting for you.



What, a nice hat.

You know what comes out of hats! "Hello, Alistair" Not, the bunnies! We've been expecting you..

NOT BUNNIES, NOOOOO Are you, the owner of this establishment? I am., Well, congratulations.

You've, achieved the highest level of terror.

Yee HAW! I'm, the best.

I'm, afraid it's not something to celebrate.

This place is being shut down for being too scary.

What? Too scary? It's.

A haunted house is supposed to be scary.

You know the rules now.

If you don't want to take a trip, downtown I suggest you lock the doors and throw out the key.

Now get out of my site.

HEY! You think you can threaten me? I"m Buck! No one threatens the Buckster.


We did it.

It all came together.

The house got shut down and Buck had to let us go.

We ended up finding the Forgotten Relm.

It was real after all, and we threw Buck inside.

Buck was so cruel.

He threw his own mother inside.

I'm free.

We all made it back to our homes.

It took a little convincing but I'm back doing what I love.

Any idea.

What happened to Giggles? I know he didn't return to his realm.


He already scared everyone there.


He is I, hope he's doing.


Excellent work, my disciple, you must meet with the others to complete the sacred seal.

It's, already begun.


*Evil laughter*.

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