Regal Cinemas Food Prices - Regal Popcorn Is Vegan-Friendly (2023)

If you enjoy going to the cinema, you may be wondering about the Regal cinema food prices and how expensive the menu is. These are common questions that people have as they want to be prepared for these extra expenses.

Going to the cinema is a treat that many people have enjoyed over their entire lifespan. As this has always been a great way to wind down and enjoy watching a movie, whether you are by yourself or with loved ones.

Part of the joy of going to a cinema is being able to pick out the snacks you want to take with you. As the majority of cinemas are going to also sell different types of foods and drinks.

Keep reading to find out more about Regal cinemas food prices and what is available on these menus.

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Regal Cinemas Food and Popcorn Prices

Regal cinemas are popular cinemas in the US that allow you to go and enjoy a movie by yourself or with loved ones. The Regal cinemas food prices are quite high, however, so it is a good idea to know how expensive the menu is.

Regal Cinemas Food Prices - Regal Popcorn Is Vegan-Friendly (1)

Anytime you go to the cinema, you should take into account how much the food is going to cost. As you will most likely want to be able to grab a few snacks on your way to actually see your movie.

Part of the joy of going to the cinema is being able to enjoy snacks with your movie that you buy there. As there is usually a wide variety of snacks available, including popcorn, soda, candy, and a variety of hot foods.

This is something you will have to take into account since cinema food is often quite expensive. Especially when you compare it to the same type of food that you would buy in a grocery store.

So it is a good idea to look into the Regal cinemas food prices to see exactly how expensive everything is. So you can plan on what you want to buy and treat yourself to when you go to the cinema to enjoy your movie.

One of the best things about Regal is that it offers quite a large menu to choose from. This is very different from other types of cinemas that may only offer a handful of snack options to choose from.


Small Popcorn$6.89
Medium Popcorn$7.89
Large Popcorn$8.89
Cheetos Popcorn$6.99
Caramel Popcornopolis$6.69
Zebra Popcornopolis$7.69

Snacks and Drinks

Movie Snack Pack$6.29
Medium Candy$3.99
Large Candy$4.89
Small Bottled Water$4.99
Large Bottled Water$5.29
Small Fountain Drink$5.69
Medium Fountain Drink$6.19
Large Fountain Drink$6.79
Upgrade to ICEE$0.50

Hot Food

Loaded Fries$6.99
Chicken Tenders & Fries$7.99
Onion Rings$4.99
Fiesta Poppers$5.79
Spicy Chicken Sandwich & Fries$8.79
Cheese Sticks$7.99
Cheeseburger & Fries$8.49
Pretzel Bites$6.59
Cinnabon Gooey Bites$4.79
Hot Dog$5.99
Gourmet Pretzel$4.49
Corn Dog Nuggets$4.49

These are all of the menu items that you will find at Regal cinemas, as these cinema locations generally serve the same menu. This is quite a generous selection of options that you may not be able to find in other kinds of cinemas.

This is great as it ensures that everyone will be able to find something that they will enjoy. Whether you are feeling like popcorn, candy, or a pretzel.

There are some other things about the regal menu that you may be curious about. These are things that you may want to know about these menu items if you frequently go to the cinema or plan on going soon.

Regal Food Is Expensive

One thing that customers frequently comment on it’s just how expensive the food is at Regal. If you look at the menu, you will see just how expensive these menu items really are, as the food is relatively high.

Especially when you compare Regal food prices to those of the grocery store prices, you will see a dramatic difference. Unfortunately, this is generally going to be the same no matter what kind of cinema you go to.

Cinema food is always going to be more expensive and is significantly overpriced. Charging you far more than you would be if you just got your snacks at a local grocery store instead of buying them at the cinema.

The prices at Regal also have to do with the fact that this is a very popular cinema. So it is able to have higher prices because it is more in demand and attracts a wider variety of customers than smaller cinemas.

This does not necessarily mean that the food is not good, as the food at Regal is very good. But it is not going to be exceptionally unique considering the amount of money you will pay for these menu items.

This is just something to keep in mind if you are planning to go to a Regal cinema and want to grab a bite before your movie.

Regal Popcorn Is the Most Popular Food Item

Some people may be curious about what Regal cinema food is the most popular amongst customers. The answer to this is going to be the same for any cinema, that the popcorn is the most popular snack option.

No matter what kind of cinema you go to, the popcorn is generally going to be the top-selling snack. As everyone wants to be able to enjoy a tub of popcorn while they are watching their movie, as this is a classic movie snack.

The popcorn is made fresh at Regal, resulting in perfectly puffed corn kernels that are crunchy and airy. Making the perfect savory snack if you do not feel like paying the money for hot food or snacking on sweet candy.

Cinema popcorn tends to be some of the best kinds of popcorn, though why that is a mystery. It is usually drenched in a buttery sauce, creating a delicious snack that is the perfect finger food to enjoy while you are watching a movie.

There are other popular menu items at Regal, of course, but the popcorn is definitely the number one top seller. None of the other menu items quite measure up, and customers will usually choose popcorn over any other option.

Regal Popcorn Is High In Calories

Something that Regal cinema customers may want to know about is how high in calories the popcorn is. This is a common question since the popcorn is the top seller and many people plan on getting it.

Unfortunately for customers, the popcorn at the cinema is considered to be quite hefty when it comes to the calories. Which is not really much of a surprise, considering cinema food is not usually going to be exceptionally healthy.

You should keep in mind that a small popcorn is going to come to around 280 cal and can go up to 840 cal if you get a large popcorn. This means that medium and large popcorn servings are going to come to the same amount of calories as a full meal.

This is quite a lot of calories when you consider the fact that popcorn is just a snack and not an actual meal. And these calories are only going to go up depending on what else you buy along with your popcorn.

This is something to keep in mind as there are a certain amount of calories that people should eat in a day, and it would be easy to go over that amount. Especially if you are enjoying several different snacks when you go to the cinema.

Regal Popcorn Is Vegan-Friendly

Something that Regal cinema customers may not realize is that the popcorn served at the cinemas is 100% vegan friendly. This may come as a surprise since you probably assumed that the popcorn contains dairy from the butter.

But the butter that Regal uses is a butter substitute that makes the perfect option for coating the popcorn without making it extremely greasy. It also chose the substitute so that its vegan customers could enjoy its popcorn like all the rest.

This is another reason why the popcorn at Regal cinema is so popular as anyone can enjoy it. This also goes for people who are lactose intolerant and may be sensitive to other kinds of popcorn that contain dairy products.

You may have problems finding other vegan options on the Regal menu, but you can rest assured in knowing that the popcorn is vegan-friendly. So this is a snack option that you can enjoy without any guilt or second thoughts.

This butter option that does not contain any dairy also helps to create the perfect cinema popcorn. The butter does not harden, and it is not as greasy as some other kind of popcorn may be.


Is the popcorn at Regal Cinemas vegan? ›

Is Regal Cinemas Popcorn Vegan? Regal Cinemas are a popular movie-theater chain that uses coconut oil to pop its popcorn, so they are vegan-friendly.

Is Regal popcorn gluten and dairy free? ›

Regal's popcorn is gluten free and made with coconut oil. The buttery topping is also gluten free (and vegan) as it contains partially hydrogenated soybean oil, beta-carotene, natural colors, and artificial flavors. I skip the butter and just enjoy the salty popcorn as is.

Does Regal use real butter on popcorn? ›

7. Regal Entertainment Group. There's a surprising secret ingredient in Regal's popcorn: coconut oil. The rich, fatty substance helps give their kernels a signature, savory flavor, and it gives you (relative) peace of mind that you're doing some semi-healthy snacking and not going for full-on butter.

Are Regal cinema pretzels vegan? ›

Soft Pretzels

Those big, soft, and warm pretzels sold at many theaters are typically vegan. You may want to make sure they don't put butter on them.

What popcorn is not vegan? ›

Popcorn labeled as "made with real butter" or "cheesy" can easily be crossed off your list as a potential option. The allergens section is the next place you'll want to check. Dairy will be the biggest culprit as to why a certain popcorn is vegan or not vegan.

Is popcorn with butter vegan? ›

The reason that popcorn is often not vegan is because a commonly added ingredient is butter, which is a dairy product. Because popcorn is often served this way, it's easy to forget that you don't have to add butter to popcorn. You also don't have to add butter to popcorn to make it taste good!

What are the ingredients in Regal Cinemas popcorn butter? ›

Your movie theater butter has no butter in it, but it does have partially hydrogenated soybean oil (a.k.a. trans fats), beta carotene (a coloring, makes carrots orange), tertiary Butylhydroquinone or TBHQ (synthetic preservative that keeps the color and texture from changing as the product sits), polydimethylsiloxane ( ...

Is all popcorn dairy free? ›

More often than not, popcorn is vegan-friendly. When buying popcorn at your local convenience store, check the ingredient label to ensure animal ingredients haven't snuck their way inside your snack of choice. Dairy is the ingredient to look out for, as butter and cheese are common ingredients in bagged popcorn.

Is regular popcorn dairy free? ›

Popcorn does not contain milk and should be safe for those with a milk allergy. Fig's dietitian team reviewed this note on popcorn. Check if other ingredients have dairy instantly with the Fig app.

Is Regal butter Real butter? ›

“Your movie theater butter has no butter in it, but it does have partially hydrogenated soybean oil (a.k.a. trans fats), beta carotene (a coloring, makes carrots orange), tertiary Butylhydroquinone or TBHQ (synthetic preservative that keeps the color and texture from changing as the product sits), polydimethylsiloxane ...

What is the fake butter in movie theater popcorn? ›

The first ingredient in movie theater popcorn is one you've probably never heard of — Flavacol. It's manufactured by Gold Medal and is a butter-flavored seasoned salt that's specially processed to make it finer so it adheres better to the popcorn.

What kind of oil does Regal Cinemas use for popcorn? ›

It's a personal preference—and there are certainly people who eat both and wouldn't even notice the difference.” AMC, Regal, and Marcus theaters use coconut oil, while Cinemark opts for canola, and other regional chains use a blend.

What movie candy is vegan? ›

Candy: Some candies are accidentally (or on purpose) vegan. Common ones that can be found at the movies are Sour Patch Kids, Fuzzy Peaches, Swedish Berries, Swedish Fish, Sweet Tarts, Twizzlers, Red Vines, and Skittles. Yep, they are all vegan!

Can vegans eat AMC popcorn? ›

In conclusion, AMC Popcorn—plain, without butter topping—is their only vegan popcorn. All other flavors of AMC Popcorn contain dairy products or derivatives, making them unsuitable for vegans. However, there are many vegan-friendly popcorn brands and flavors available on the market.

Do you get free refills on large popcorn at Regal? ›

Free Refills

Receive one free refill with the purchase of a large soft drink and/or a large popcorn on the same day of purchase.

What does Regal use for their popcorn? ›

It's a personal preference—and there are certainly people who eat both and wouldn't even notice the difference.” AMC, Regal, and Marcus theaters use coconut oil, while Cinemark opts for canola, and other regional chains use a blend.

What kind of butter does Regal Cinemas use? ›

Movie theaters use butter-flavored oil, which has a lower water content than butter so it makes popcorn less soggy. Real clarified butter has the same effect. To make it, melt 2 sticks butter in a glass measuring cup in the microwave. Let sit for a few minutes; the butter will separate into 3 layers.

Does movie theater popcorn have real dairy? ›

Veg FAQs notes that AMC popcorn is popped in canola oil, but their "popcorn seasoning" does contain dairy. Regal Cinemas purports to use a dairy-free "buttery" topping, but this may change from theater to theater.

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