Regal Cinemas Food and Popcorn Prices in 2023 — Movie Food Prices (2024)

Regal Cinemas is the 2nd largest movie chain in the states. Millions of Americans buy snacks from Regals concessions stand. Find out the Regal popcorn prices, as well as the prices for all their snacks and drinks.

Here are the latest Regal concessions prices:

Menu ItemPrice


Small Popcorn$6.89
Medium Popcorn$7.89
Large Pop*rn$8.89
Popcornopolis (Caramel)$6.69
Popcornopolis (Zebra)$7.69
Cheetos Popcorn$6.99


Movie Snack Pack (popcorn, drink, candy)$6.29
Medium Candy$3.99
Large Candy$4.89

Hot Food

Hot Dog$5.99
Corn Dog Nuggets$4.49
Gourmet Pretzel$4.49
Pretzel Bites$6.59
Cinnabon Gooey Bites$4.79
Cheeseburger & Fries$8.49
Chicken Tenders & Fries$7.99
Spicy Chicken Sandwich & Fries$8.79
Cheese Sticks$7.99
Fiesta Poppers$5.79
Onion Rings$4.99
Loaded Fries$6.99


Small Fountain Drink$5.69
Medium Fountain Drink$6.19
Large Fountain Drink$6.79
Upgrade to ICEE+$0.50
Small Bottled Water$4.99
Large Bottled Water$5.29


Gourmet Pretzel & Medium Soft Drink$9.99
Hot Dog & Medium Soft Drink$9.99
Nachos & Medium Soft Drink$9.99
  • Why Is It Expensive?
  • Is Regal’s Popcorn The Most Popular?
  • Calories in Regal Popcorn
  • Is Regal’s Popcorn Vegan?
  • Are The Prices Worth It?
  • Are There Any Popcorn Coupons?
  • About Regal Cinemas
  • Talk To Regal’s Food Staff
  • Conclusion


Here are some photos of Regal’s concession menu with prices:

Why Is Regal’s Food So Expensive?

Wondering if you’re the only one thinking that the Regal popcorn prices are too high? You can stop wondering – because many people think they are.

Regal aren’t the only ones with high concession prices though. Check out the AMCs popcorn prices and Cinemark’s concessions prices – both up there as well.

There’s no denying the fact the popcorn, drinks, hot food, and desserts all come with a premium price tag at the Regal concessions stand. But why is this the case? Well, it all comes down to how movie theaters make their money.

Traditionally, movie theaters make a low proportion of their total profit from ticket sales. There are just too many additional costs behind the price of a movie ticket.

To make up for it, they’ve chosen to find ways to make money in other areas of their That means the price of their popcorn is likely going to stay where it is.

Regal Cinemas Food and Popcorn Prices in 2023 — Movie Food Prices (1)

Don’t think it’s only American – cinemas around the world follow a similar practice. Hoyt’s popcorn prices in Australia, Odeon food prices in the UK, and the Cineplex popcorn prices in Canada all have quite high costs for their snacks.

In saying that, you’re more than welcome to say stuff that and bring in your own food. Heads up though – if you’re too obvious about it, they’ll ask you to leave.

Is There Anything More Popular Than Regal’s Popcorn?

One word – nope. Regal has spent more than a bit of time perfecting the way their popcorn is not only made, but how it’s served, what type of flavoring goes on top, and the exact feeling you’re going to have when you take your first bite of the crunchy deliciousness (it’s a good one).

On top of their traditional butter flavoured popcorn, Regal has also experimented a bit (and will continue to do so) with other flavours such as Caramel and Zebra.

Just because their popcorn’s a fan favorite, doesn’t mean there’s nothing else on the Regal concessions menu worth a mention.

Regal Cinemas Food and Popcorn Prices in 2023 — Movie Food Prices (2)

If you’re tired of tubs of popcorn all the time, give their Nachos or Loaded Fries a go. Both are great little sides to snack on whilst enjoying the latest blockbuster on the big screen.

How Many Calories Are In Regal Popcorn?

The delicious snacks and popcorn on the Regal Cinemas menu come with a cost in addition to their price, and that’s a high-calorie count. Regal’s small popcorn has 280 calories. Upgrade to a large and you’ll be consuming 840 calories along with your movie.

If you’re on a diet or looking eat healthily, you’ll want to stay away from their Regals concessions if you can help it. Unless it’s your cheat day! Then go all out and get everything you want.

Here’s a table with some calorie numbers on a few of their other concessions:

Menu ItemCalories
Small Popcorn280
Medium Popcorn490
Large Popcorn840
Pretzel Bites560
Onion Rings230
Loaded Fries980
Cheese Sticks670
Fiesta Poppers350

Official nutritional and allergen info from Regal’s website was tough to come by. However, the popcorn calories above were sourced directly from a menu in a Regal Cinema so they’re quite accurate.

Is Regal’s Popcorn Vegan?

Good news – Yes! Regal’s popcorn is vegan. The popping oil, buttery topping, and popcorn salt are gluten-free, dairy-free, and 100% vegan.

It’s a good move by Regal to offer vegan popcorn due to the massive rise in veganism and vegetarianism across the globe over the past decade.

Is It Worth Getting Something From The Concessions Menu?

There’s no denying the fact it’s unbelievably hard to walk past the Regal concessions stand, grab a whiff of their heavenly popcorn being served up, and not immediately make your way to the counter.

Regal Cinemas Food and Popcorn Prices in 2023 — Movie Food Prices (3)

In saying that, concessions aren’t for everyone. Regal popcorn prices are quite high and even higher in calories. So they’re definitely not something you should be eating every day, but perfectly OK every now and then.

It’s a question only you can answer – if you want popcorn, go get it. If you’re sitting on the fence, the smell is going to convince you. And if you don’t want it – don’t get it 🙂

Are There Any Popcorn Coupons?

You bet! Their company knows not all of us can afford the current Regal popcorn prices, so they’ve been generous enough to consistently give out coupons and promos so you can save a bit of money.

Usually, the best way to stay up to date is to become a Regal Crown Club member. Join, and you’ll gain access to the following food specials:

  • 50% off popcorn every Tuesday
  • 25% off candy every Monday

Don’t want to become a member? No worries 🙂 Download their app and they’ll send you a range of coupons for concessions as well. November 2019’s coupon was 15% off the combo – 2 Large Drinks, Large Popcorn, and Candy. Not bad at all!

Want to learn more? Regal has a section dedicated to all the latest promotions on its website. Click here to see what they have.

Bonus: Follow their Twitter account for any specials on popcorn and other snacks. For example, here’s a deal they recently posted:

About Regal Cinemas

Regal Cinemas has quite an interesting history. Knoxville, Tennesee, was the first location in the US to have a Regal Cinema. That was in 1989 when Mike Campbell was their CEO.

It grew rapidly over the following years thanks to its upmarket feel and an exclusive cafe that was attached to many of the theaters, which made them quite fancy compared to many of their competitors.

Regal Cinemas Food and Popcorn Prices in 2023 — Movie Food Prices (4)

Over the next decade, they swallowed up smaller chains such as Cobb Theatres and RC Theatres. Unfortunately, they gobbled up too much. The company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2001.

Thankfully! They made sure it wasn’t the end by merging with Edwards Theaters and United Artists.

Today, they have more than 570 theaters, have total revenue in the billions, and are a subsidiary of the Cineworld Group (one of Europe’s largest cinema groups).

In October 2018, Regal announced it will undergo a $1 billion rebrand across all of its cinemas. Aiming to bring the company into the 21st century with a sleek, minimal logo and conducting massive renovations across many of their locations.

Regal Cinemas Food and Popcorn Prices in 2023 — Movie Food Prices (5)

Talk To Regal’s Food Staff

If you’d like to get in touch with staff to talk more about the Regal concessions, send them a message on one of the following platforms:

Social media not for you? Feel free to give them a call direct on 1-877-835-5734. Or, you can head to their contact page and give them some feedback or ask them a question.


All in all, Regal is a great movie chain to watch the latest and greatest blockbusters at, and they’ve spent a bit of time perfecting the Regal concessions menu as well.

Yes, Regal’s popcorn and snack prices are a bit high, but it’s part of the movie experience and prices don’t seem to be changing any time soon.

If you have any more questions about Regal or their prices and menu, leave a comment down below.

Enjoy your movie!

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Regal Cinemas Food and Popcorn Prices in 2023 — Movie Food Prices (2024)


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Popcorn Topping£1.00
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Regal Concession Prices
Popcorn (Small)$6.00 - $6.50
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Popcorn (Large)$8.00 - $8.50
Caramel Popcorn$6.50
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The flavor all comes down to one ingredient: Flavacol. You've likely never heard of Flavacol because, really, only movie theaters use it. Essentially, it's butter-flavored salt. It's a really fine, bright orange powder that adds that buttery flavor you crave and the signature yellow color.

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Popcorn (Large)$8.10 - $9.09
Added Flavour$0.49
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