Litter Robot 3 Blue And Red Light Flashing (2024)

1. Litter-Robot Troubleshooting: What Do The Lights Mean?

  • Litter-Robot 4 lights · Litter-Robot 3 Troubleshooting · Keep Your Litter-Robot...

  • Litter-Robot troubleshooting means learning about Litter-Robot lights: flashing blue light, flashing red light, blue and yellow lights, and more.

Litter-Robot Troubleshooting: What Do The Lights Mean?

2. Red Light Flashing (Cat Sensor Fault) - Litter-Robot 3

  • The Litter-Robot 3 is equipped with a cat sensor that detects when a cat enters and exits the globe. If the cat sensor has been continuously activated for ...

  • Learn how to troubleshoot and fix the cat sensor fault on your Litter-Robot 3. Follow step-by-step instructions to address red light flashing issues and ensure the proper functioning of the cat sensor.

3. I just installed my Connect Upgrade Kit and now I get 3 blinking lights

  • Blue and yellow and red (All three lights flashing simultaneously): This means the unit cannot find the Dump or Home position. The unit will not cycle ...

  • Find solutions for your Litter-Robot 3's three lights flashing position sensors issue. Fix issues with your Connect Upgrade Kit today!

4. Litter-Robot 4 What do the lights mean

5. Robot Litter III - blue yellow red lighting sequentially

  • 2 jun 2017 · A blue solid light means the issue should be resolved. If the unit does not return Home, or does not return Home with a solid blue light, please ...

  • Hello, Just received a few days ago the Robot Litter III. After turning it on or after a cycle, the blue yellow red lighting sequentially. Thank you Antonello

Robot Litter III - blue yellow red lighting sequentially

6. Litter-Robot 3: Blue Light Flashing (Drawer Full)

  • A flashing blue light is normal, indicating the waste drawer is full. If your unit displays a flashing blue light or you received a “drawer full” notification ...

  • Discover solutions for Litter-Robot 3's blue light flashing drawer full issue. Visit our support page now for troubleshooting tips and quick fixes.

7. Litter robot III red light flashing - RobotShop Community

  • 4 mrt 2019 · The red blinking light indicates CATS (the cat sensor) is detecting excess weight for more than 2 minutes. To test your changes, power the unit ...

  • I purchased a new cat sensor and installed it but still didn’t fix the problem. I’ve unplugged it, turned off and on but it still is flashing red and globe won’t turn. Any suggestions?

Litter robot III red light flashing - RobotShop Community

8. [PDF] quick reference guide - Litter-Robot

  • Use the Reset button to toggle between the di erent wait times. • Blue flashing= 3 minute wait time. • Yellow flashing = 7 minute wait time. • Red flashing = 15 ...

9. Red & Blue Alternating Light Bar (Laser Board Fault) - Litter-Robot 4

  • If the unit detects an issue with all three laser sensors, called curtain sensors, it will indicate a fault with the entire system and the light bar on the ...

  • Encounter a Laser Board Fault in your Litter-Robot 4? Navigate to our site for expert solutions on fixing red-blue-alternating-light-bar issues.

10. Litter Robot Troubleshooting: Fixing Common Litter-Robot 3 Issues

  • 25 apr 2016 · The blue light should turn red as if the unit registered your cat is inside. If it does, it's a great sign. Press the Reset button, and the unit ...

  • Need help with your Litter Robot 3 issues? These are the most common problems and step-by-step ways to fix them.

Litter Robot Troubleshooting: Fixing Common Litter-Robot 3 Issues

11. DFI Flashing Blue Light - Cat Evolution

  • 10 jun 2022 · The sensors work by sending beams from one sensor to the other, and if the beam is interrupted, the blue light will flash as the Litter-Robot ...

  • There are 2 sensors that work together to monitor if the drawer is full and needing the liner removing and replacing. The indication is a blue flashing light, and when it starts flashing, the Litter-Robot will continue to cycle automatically for approximately further cycles, allowing a little time to attend to the chan

DFI Flashing Blue Light - Cat Evolution

12. Litter-Robot 4: Red Light Bar Flashing (Cat Sensor Fault)

  • If your unit has a flashing red light bar or the unit will not cycle, this indicates that the cat sensor has been triggered for more than 30 minutes. You will ...

  • Troubleshooting a flashing red light on your Litter-Robot 4? Visit our support page for effective solutions to cat sensor faults. Get help now!

13. Litter-Robot 3: Cat Sensor Troubleshooting

  • You can cancel the timer by pressing the Reset button. If the timing light is flashing red or you are receiving a "Cat sensor fault" notification in the Whisker ...

  • Get expert help on Litter-Robot 3 Cat Sensor Troubleshooting. Follow our step-by-step guide to easily fix your device. Click now for instant support!

14. Feeder-Robot Indicator Lights

  • Control Panel Lights. Power Button Lights. Solid Blue: Unit is ON and connected to power; Solid red: Tower sensor error; Flashing red: Tower sensor ...

  • Understand your Feeder-Robot's indicator lights better. Visit our support page for detailed help and troubleshooting tips. Reach out now!

Litter Robot 3 Blue And Red Light Flashing (2024)
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