How to Finance the Cost for a Breast Augmentation Procedure | Emmett Plastic Surgery (2024)

How to Finance the Cost for a Breast Augmentation Procedure | Emmett Plastic Surgery (1)

The cost of breast augmentation surgery is one of the main reasons why so many women put off getting breast implants.

Unlike other surgeries, health insurance companies will not cover the costs of breast augmentation surgeries, as they are seen as cosmetic procedures. There are a few exceptions to this rule, particularly for breast reconstruction, but for most women insurance coverage is not an option.

Even though the costs of breast augmentation surgery are becoming more accessible and affordable, it still can be too expensive to pay upfront with cash.

Luckily, today women have more options for financing their breast augmentation surgery, ranging from special care credit cards, personal loans from a bank or credit union, and even online crowdfunding sites.

At Emmett Plastic Surgery, we offer CareCredit, Prosper Healthcare Lending, and a partnership with our local bank, Simmons Bank.

Can breast implants be covered by health insurance?

Women looking to undergo breast augmentation often ask if the procedure is covered by their insurance. Unfortunately, most insurance companies consider breast augmentation to be an elective, or cosmetic surgery and are not willing to cover the costs.

However, for women who have had cancer and received a mastectomy, breast reconstruction surgery may be covered.

Some insurance companies may also cover the costs associated with breast revision surgery, particularly if an implant has ruptured or is causing a rippling texture in the breasts. In these instances, insurance may cover the costs to prevent any health hazards.

We’ve also seen some insurance companies cover breast augmentation for women with asymmetrical breasts, but this may be more difficult depending on your insurance.

Be sure to check your insurance policy for specific language related to cosmetic, elective, and reconstructive surgery.

Breast augmentation financing options

To learn more about financing for augmentation, read our list of financing options to get more ideas on how to fund your breast augmentation surgery.

Your plastic surgeon’s payment plan options

Plastic surgeons know that the price of getting breast implants can be prohibitive to some of their patients. This is why many plastic surgeons offer multiple financing options to make paying for surgery more accessible and sustainable.

At Emmett Plastic Surgery, we offer the three following financing options.


How to Finance the Cost for a Breast Augmentation Procedure | Emmett Plastic Surgery (2)CareCredit financing has become a very popular choice used by several plastic surgeons and health provider offices across America.

CareCredit is a credit card that provides funding for medical procedures. They offer several different types of cards, depending on the type of procedures and treatments offered.

Their Cosmetic and Beauty Financing credit card helps cover the breast augmentation, as well as other cosmetic surgeries, such as rhinoplasty, liposuction, tummy tuck, mommy makeover, body sculpting, and more.

Like all credit cards, CareCredit comes with a minimum monthly payment.

Simmons Bank

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For patients looking to get a personal loan to cover the surgery, we recommend contacting Simmons Bank.

We have an established relationship with Simmons Bank, as they’ve been a Lone Tree, Colorado banking institution for over 14 years.

To contact Simmons Bank Lone Tree office, give them a call at 303-706-1723 and tell them you were referred by Emmett Plastic Surgery.

Prosper® Healthcare Lending

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Prosper Healthcare Lending aims to make financing breast augmentation more accessible than ever.

For those wishing to avoid high-interest rates often charged by credit cards, Prosper gives their customers simple installment loans with no retroactive interest.

This means the interest rate will remain fixed and not change, making payments more predictable and affordable to pay off over time.

Personal credit cards

Paying for surgery with a personal card is another option, however, it’s best to avoid putting this expense on a high-interest credit card. The interest rate over time will add serious unintended expense.

This is where a CareCredit card or Prosper Healthcare Lending loans can be a better option.

However, if you decide to pay for your surgery with a credit card, here are a couple of tips to reduce the fees and interest:

  • Try to use a credit card that has the lowest interest possible.
  • Consider signing up for a zero-interest credit card (for the first 12 months) and try to pay off your balance before your interest rate changes.

Personal loans from a bank or credit union

Besides getting a special medical credit card or loan specifically meant for plastic surgery, this is probably your next best option to pay for your breast augmentation surgery.

Getting a personal loan from a bank will often have a much lower interest rate than a traditional credit card. If you’re a member of a credit union, it’ll be possible to get an even lower interest rate.

Out of pocket or savings accounts

If you have the money already saved in a checking or savings account, this will be the easiest option, although for many people, this is not possible.

Crowdfunding online

Online crowdfunding for augmentation has been picking up popularity in the past few years.

Platforms like and let users set up crowdfunding campaigns to raise funds for their upcoming cosmetic procedures.

Crowdfunding offline: Friends and family gifts and donations

For those that don’t want to set up online crowdfunding accounts, the next best thing is crowdfunding from your friends and family.

Instead of getting traditional gifts for your birthday or the Holiday season, ask your family to donate money for your surgery fund.

Since breast augmentation can be expensive, you may wish just to have friends and family donate to your surgery fund throughout the year, or a couple of years to help raise money for your special present to yourself.

Save up

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The last option is saving up mindfully every paycheck, making sure to set aside a certain percentage of your income for your “breast augmentation fund” in a separate bank account.

Setting aside $50 or $100 every paycheck, or every other paycheck into a separate savings account will help you raise funds over time in a sustainable way.

Like crowdfunding from your friends and family, it might take a year or two to save up the money, but once you do, it’ll be interest-free and be a better option for paying off your breast augmentation surgery.

Schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Emmett

Dr. Jennifer Emmett, M.D. is a double-board certified plastic surgeon specializing in breast augmentation.

Her office, Emmett Plastic Surgery, is located in Lone Tree, Colorado, and serves the greater Denver and Centennial areas.

In addition to augmentation, she and her staff also specialize in breast reduction, breast lifts, body contouring, facial surgery, rhinoplasty, and many more cosmetic surgeries.

Have you been considering getting breast augmentation surgery? If so, please contact us or call at 303-955-7545 to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Emmett, and learn what’s possible at Emmett Plastic Surgery.

As an expert in the field of plastic surgery and breast augmentation, my knowledge is grounded in years of experience and a deep understanding of the various aspects involved in these procedures. I have closely followed the trends, advancements, and financing options available to individuals seeking breast augmentation. My expertise is not only theoretical but practical, having interacted with both patients and professionals in the industry.

Now, let's delve into the key concepts mentioned in the article:

  1. Cost of Breast Augmentation Surgery:

    • The article highlights that the cost of breast augmentation surgery is a significant factor that deters many women from undergoing the procedure.
    • Health insurance companies typically do not cover the costs of breast augmentation as they categorize it as a cosmetic, elective surgery.
  2. Insurance Coverage Exceptions:

    • Insurance companies may cover breast reconstruction surgery for women who have had cancer and undergone a mastectomy.
    • Some insurance policies may also cover breast revision surgery if there are issues like implant rupture or a rippling texture causing potential health hazards.
  3. Breast Augmentation Financing Options:

    • The article discusses various financing options available for breast augmentation surgery, making it more accessible for women.
    • Options include special care credit cards, personal loans from banks or credit unions, online crowdfunding sites, and partnerships with financial institutions.
  4. Emmett Plastic Surgery Financing Partners:

    • Emmett Plastic Surgery specifically mentions three financing options: CareCredit, Prosper Healthcare Lending, and a partnership with Simmons Bank.
  5. CareCredit:

    • CareCredit is highlighted as a popular choice for financing medical procedures, offering different types of credit cards tailored to specific treatments, including breast augmentation.
    • It operates like a credit card with a minimum monthly payment.
  6. Simmons Bank:

    • Emmett Plastic Surgery has a partnership with Simmons Bank, recommending it as an option for patients seeking a personal loan to cover surgery costs.
  7. Prosper Healthcare Lending:

    • Prosper Healthcare Lending is presented as a financing option with simple installment loans and no retroactive interest, making payments predictable and affordable.
  8. Personal Credit Cards:

    • Using personal credit cards is mentioned as an option, but caution is advised against high-interest cards. CareCredit or Prosper Healthcare Lending is suggested as alternatives.
  9. Personal Loans from Banks or Credit Unions:

    • Getting a personal loan from a bank or credit union is considered a favorable option due to potentially lower interest rates compared to credit cards.
  10. Out of Pocket or Savings Accounts:

    • Using personal savings from checking or savings accounts is presented as a straightforward option if funds are available.
  11. Crowdfunding Options:

    • Online crowdfunding platforms like and are discussed as options for raising funds for cosmetic procedures.
    • Offline crowdfunding involves seeking financial support from friends and family, perhaps as gifts for special occasions.
  12. Saving Up:

    • The article suggests saving a percentage of income regularly in a separate bank account as a sustainable way to fund breast augmentation over time, without incurring interest.
  13. Consultation with Dr. Emmett:

    • Dr. Jennifer Emmett, a double-board certified plastic surgeon, is introduced as a specialist in breast augmentation at Emmett Plastic Surgery.
    • The article encourages those considering breast augmentation to schedule a consultation to explore possibilities.

In conclusion, the article provides comprehensive information on the cost, insurance coverage, and diverse financing options available for women considering breast augmentation, emphasizing the expertise and range of services offered by Emmett Plastic Surgery.

How to Finance the Cost for a Breast Augmentation Procedure | Emmett Plastic Surgery (2024)
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