Funded Kings Prop Firm Review [2024 Challenges] (2024)

Funded Kings Prop Firm Review [2024 Challenges] (1)

Funded Kings marks its presence in the proprietary trading sector with an assortment of challenges and account sizes, ranging from $25,000 to $300,000.

The firm accommodates diverse trading preferences by offering both 1-step and 2-step challenges, combined with competitive pricing and a notable 80% profit split.

Traders must navigate strategic intricacies, given the varying max daily loss limits and total loss thresholds based on the type of challenge they undertake. While some concerns have been raised regarding transparency and execution, Funded Kings remains a notable player in the field.

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Funded Kings Prop Firm Coupon Codes

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All About Funded Kings Prop Firm

Funded Kings, a proprietary trading firm with its official address at 8 The Green Dover, DE 19901, USA, operates without disclosing its official name and executive team. While the year of its establishment remains unknown, its registration in the United States adds a layer of credibility. The anonymity surrounding its executive team and official name sparks intrigue in the trading community.

Community Feedback for Funded Kings

Feedback from the trading community highlights Funded Kings’ swift challenge completion, with some traders reporting the passing of both phases in less than 20 days. Additionally, its success in navigating high-value challenges, such as the FTMO account of 160,000 EUR, is well-recognized.

However, concerns are raised over its lack of transparency and professionalism, especially regarding refunds and challenge management. Further, accusations of breaching daily drawdown rules and imposing undisclosed fees tarnish its reputation.

Platforms Used by Funded Kings Prop Firm for Trading

TradeLocker, an advanced, no-download-required trading platform, integrated with TradingView charts, serves as the primary platform for traders at Funded Kings.

Funded Kings Prop Firm: Instruments You Can Trade

A broad range of instruments, including Forex, precious metals like Gold and Silver, Commodities, Indices, and various Cryptocurrencies, are available for trading at Funded Kings.

Payment Options at Funded Kings Prop Firm

Payment methods include major credit/debit cards and a selection of cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Tether, and USD Coin.

Account Size Options in Funded Kings Prop Firm

Traders can select from a variety of account sizes at Funded Kings, ranging from $25k to $300k, tailored to different levels of experience and risk preferences.

Understanding Profit Splits at Funded Kings Prop Firm

The firm offers a standard 80% profit split across all types of challenges, reflecting its commitment to aligning its goals with those of its traders.

Funded Kings Prop Firm’s Approach to Profit Targets

Profit targets are standardized at 10% for 1-step challenges, with 2-step challenges having an 8% target in phase 1 and 5% in phase 2.

Drawdown Rules and Daily/Max Loss Policy at Funded Kings

Funded Kings enforces a 4% maximum daily loss limit for 1-step and 5% for 2-step challenges, with overall loss thresholds at 6% and 10%, respectively.

Minimum and Maximum Trading Days at Funded Kings

A minimum of one trading day is required for 1-step challenges, while 2-step challenges necessitate a minimum of 5 days, regardless of account size.

Costs of Entry for Funded Kings Prop Firm’s Challenges

Entry fees for challenges vary, starting from $199 for a $25k account to $1429 for a $300k account in 1-step challenges, and $149 to $1399 for 2-step challenges.

Commissions and Fees at Funded Kings Prop Firm

A uniform commission rate of $7 per lot is applied across all challenges, irrespective of the account size or challenge type.

Refund Options at Funded Kings Prop Firm

Conditional refunds are offered by Funded Kings, with details available on their official website.

Does Funded Kings Prop Firm Offer a Free Trial?

Funded Kings does not provide free trials, emphasizing real trading experiences with actual capital for qualified traders.

Payment Frequency at Funded Kings

Regular weekly payouts are a feature at Funded Kings, allowing traders to consistently access their earnings.

Funded Kings FAQ

How Do I Start?

The road to becoming a Funded Kings Trader could not be easier. To start, all you need to do is create a Funded Kings Account by following these simple steps:
– Sign Up on
– Open your Email Inbox and find our Verification Email.
– The Verification Link will redirect you to our concise Registration Form.
– You will need to provide your Full Legal Name, including Middle Name(s), and create a Password.
– Accept our T&C, and please confirm you are 18 years or older.
– Press on “Confirm”
That is all you need to do to become a Funded Kings Trader! You will obtain immediate access to your Funded Kings Account, ready to start your first Funded Account Challenge!

How Do I Become a Funded Trader?

We have structured our evaluation in a manner that simplifies the journey to becoming a Funded Trader. We care about our traders, protecting them from minor errors, and creating a trading environment that allows them to become professionals in risk management potentially.

Single Phase Challenge*
Our Single Challenge Name is a single-phase Funded Account Challenge, where in the single phase of the Challenge, you will trade on a Demo Account. We have set the following criteria that you need to successfully meet in this phase to become a Funded Trader:
b Single Phase Profit Target: 10%
• Single Phase Daily Drawdown: 4%
• Single Phase Overall Drawdown: 6%
• Minimum Trading Days: 1 day
• Challenge Duration: Unlimted
• Consistency Rule: 30%
When you have successfully completed our [Single Challenge Name] your performance as a trader will be evaluated by our team to selected as a Funded Trader, where you will trade on a Live Account.
Two Phase Challenge*

Phase 1: Evaluation Stage
In the first phase of our Funded Account Challenge, you will trade with a Demo Account, In this preliminary stage, we have set the requirements to begin the assessment of our traders. To pass this stage, traders much meet the following criteria:
• 8% Profit Target
• 5% Maximum Daily Drawdown
• 8% Maximum Overall Drawdown
• Minimum of 5 Trading Days
• 30% consistency rule
When you have successfully completed our Evaluation Stage (Phase 1), you will proceed to Phase 2, the Verification Stage.

Phase 2: Verification Stage
In the second stage of the Funded Account Challenge, you will prove your ability as a trader to build profit. Once you have passed the Evaluation Stage, you will receive New Credentials to log in to your new Demo Account for the second phase. In this stage, you will need to meet the below requirements:
• 5% Profit Target
• 5% Maximum Daily Drawdown
• 8% Maximum Overall Drawdown
• Minimum of 5 Trading Days
• 30% consistency rule
Once you have passed our Verification Stage, our team will meticulously assess your performance, and you will then become a fully-fledged Funded Kings Funded Trader.

How Do I Withdraw Profits?

You can withdraw profits as a Funded Kings Funded Trader simply by requesting payouts for any profits that you generate on a weekly basis. To be eligible for your first payout, you must meet the following criteria:
The first Payout Request can be requested 1 week after your First Trade.
We will only pay out if your profit exceeds $100 (calculated from Equity Gain made during the previous week).
Subsequent payouts will happen every Friday on a weekly basis.

What Payout Methods Are Available?

You can view our current Payment Methods that are available on our Trading Platform as you proceed to the Withdrawal Section. Any payouts will ONLY be paid to our Funded Traders who have completed our entire Verification Process and have not violated any of our Funded Account requirements.
You can update your Payment Details at any time through your Trader’s Portal, we will send you an email informing you that you have added/removed a Payment Method, as an extra security measure.

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Funded Kings Prop Firm Review [2024 Challenges] (2024)
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