Flight Payment Plan Options - Pay for Airline Tickets on Finance (2024)

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Is buying flights on finance possible?

Yes, financing flight tickets or paying off flight tickets in instalments is possible and available through Alternative Airlines at checkout. The online flight search allows customers all over the world to pay for tickets in instalments on over 600 airlines. Placing plane tickets on layaway is a convenient, flexible way for air travel and it's easy to set up.

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Flexible flight payment options

Alternative Airlines is one of the only travel websites that offers a range of alternative flight payment plans to make it possible for you to pay for tickets on layaway.

Together with our trusted financial service partners, we are making flight travel more accessible by offering a range of payment plans for airplane tickets to pay off in monthly instalments.

Available finance options

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PayPal Credit

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Buying flights on Finance

Looking for options to finance your flight tickets? You’ve come to the right place. Here at Alternative Airlines, you can search for flights with any airline and then select one of our financing options at checkout to spread the cost over time.

As well as weekly and bi-weekly Buy Now, Pay Later options, we also offer longer term monthly financing (3 - 36 months), so that you can choose to pay in the timeframe and frequency that's right for you.

Choosing the right payment plan for your flights

At Alternative Airlines, you can choose long-term financing plans that help you manage the cost of your flights even easier. You'll get more time to pay for your tickets and it's a great idea if you're booking expensive flights or can't afford to pay for the full cost of your ticket upfront. We offer financing plans from various Buy Now Pay Later platforms that let you pay monthly for your flight tickets over a 3-36-month period.

3-6 months

Paying monthly for your flights over a 3-6 month period is perfect if you're having to book a last-minute flight and don't have sufficient funds ready at the time of booking, or if you just don't want to worry about the full cost of your ticket and would rather split it up into manageable payments.

Tabby lets you pay for your flights monthly over a 3-month period - this is currently available to residents of the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait and Egypt. Postpay is also available with a 3-month repayment period to residents of the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Other Buy Now Pay Later plans we offer with 3-6 month repayment periods include Klarna (UK only) and Affirm (US only).

12-18 months

If 3-6 months isn't enough time for you to make payments for your flights, you can opt for longer repayment periods lasting up to 12 or 18 months. At Alternative Airlines, you can spread the cost of your flights over 12 or 18 months using Klarna (US only) or Affirm (US only). Please note that the longer your repayment period is, the more interest you may have to pay.

24-36 months

With a finance plan that lasts up to 2-3 years, you can make that expensive trip of a lifetime possible without feeling any financial burden. Paying for your flights over a 24-36-month period is a great way to manage the cost of your tickets when you don't have the required finances at the time of booking. However, the longer your repayment period is, the more interest you may have to pay, therefore this option may be a more expensive method in the long run.

At Alternative Airlines, you can pay monthly for your flights over a 24-36 month repayment period with Klarna - this is currently only available to customers in the United States.

Frequently asked questions

What is paying for flights on finance?

Purchasing flights on finance involves either paying off flight tickets in monthly instalments or withdrawing a loan to pay for the flights you would like to travel on. It is also known as paying for flights on credit. So, in a nutshell, you are spreading the cost of flight tickets over a period of time.

How do I buy flights on finance?

Flights can be financed or spread over time for vacations or business trips on airlines such as American Airlines, United, Virgin Atlantic and more. It is a simple and quick process to pay for your flights on finance or on layaway with Alternative Airlines. See our step by step guide:

1.Searchfor either domestic or international flights, either one way or return to where you want to go in the world. Or choose to do amulti-stop search.

2. Select the results that suit you best, from over 650 airlines.

3. Fill out your passenger details

Input all the required information on the page along with any passengers you may be traveling with. When you reach the bottom of the page, you will see a range of payment methods to choose from including the options to pay flights in monthly Instalments or divide the cost in smaller payments over time.

4. Choose a flight payment plan that suits you

The options you can choose to finance airfare tickets are Affirm (U.S only), PayPal Credit, Klarna, Afterpay or Zip. Use these to divide the cost of your flight tickets with different pricing options quoted to you at the checkout page. Once you have made your application, a quick, soft credit check will be made to determine if you are eligible to pay for your flights with a finance scheme. This is done at the point of checkout so you don't need to wait long. If you have been approved for a flight payment plan, you will receive a confirmation email and an email reminder of your due payments each month.

Can I finance plane tickets online?

Yes, you are able to finance plane tickets (on layaway) with the payment plan options accepted through Alternative Airlines. This means you are able to make a flight search around the world, either internationally or domestically, and then pay off the flight payments in instalments at the point of the transaction. Choose to finance airline tickets with a loan or use pay in 4 with Split Pay throughAffirm(if you are a US resident), pay off the flight tickets in instalments with PayPal Credit or pay off in 30 days or in 3 or 4 interest free payments with Klarna.

What airlines do payment plans?

The answer is that you can use a payment plan with any airline, if you book through Alternative Airlines. Some airlines offer payment plans, but they might just offer one option. We offer lots of payment plan options, including Klarna, Affirm, and Afterpay, which you can use no matter which airline you book to fly with. Eligibility criteria applies.

Can I pay for my flight in instalments?

Yes! ...When you book your flights through Alternative Airlines. Use this guide to learn more about all the payment plans we offer. There's no need to pay the full amount upfront when you can split the cost of your flights into a fixed number of weekly or monthly instalments.

How do I finance plane tickets?

To finance plane tickets online is simple and quick to do through Alternative Airlines. When you have chosen your flights from the results, choose from one of the many options offered at checkout to begin the process. Whether you select Affirm or PayPal Credit at the check out, dedicated windows will open for you to submit your application and to await approval. Once successful you will be reminded on a monthly basis to repay your ticket payment.

Is it easy to finance flight tickets?

Yes, applying for airline ticket finance plans on the Alternative Airlines website is simple to do and the applications do not take long to process at the checkout. The various flight payment plans offer step by step guides to make it easier for travellers to pay for flights in monthly payments. This is also known as buying flights on layaway and can be done on airline tickets including British Airways, Southwest and many more when booking online with Alternative Airlines.

Do I qualify for paying flights on finance?

Qualified customers are dependant on credit background and where they are located. A soft credit check is made with each financial service to ensure that due payments are able to be paid back for flight tickets booked with Alternative Airlines. A soft credit check will be carried out for any payment plan selected at checkout and you will be notified in seconds whether your application is accepted. Is it down to the decision of the chosen flights payment plan method if you qualify for a loan or to bi-weekly instalments and not the decision of Alternative Airlines.

What is a flexible flight payment plan?

A flexible flight payment plan is an alternative way to transact airline tickets. You have the option to finance your airline tickets with a loan to back in monthly instalments or to pay every 2 weeks over 6 weeks instead of paying in one full transaction. That's where the flexibility in the payment comes in. Each flight payment plan accepted by Alternative Airlines is different to use depending on the currency and country you are in. However they all require an application which are quick and easy to process.

Where can I find flight payment plans?

Alternative Airlines accepts payment plans for tickets from a wide variety of airlines. Once you have made your flight search and are ready to book, choose to finance the airline tickets with Affirm, or in instalments with either PayPal Credit, Klarna, or Zip. This can be airlines likeAir Mauritiusand more.

Please note loans or withdrawals are not made throughAlternative Airlinesand the company does not hold responsibility for any loan you take out for your airline ticket.

What travel agencies accept flexible flight payment plans?

Alternative Airlines is an online travel agency that accepts flexible payment plans to place flights on layaway. For example, Affirm is a US based loan payment method where you can take a loan and pay your airline tickets over time. Airline tickets you can take a payment plan out include Delta, American Airlines and even Frontier Airlines, on over 650 airlines.

Are there flexible flight payment promo codes?

Yes Alternative Airlines offer a range of flight promo codes on top of paying your flights in monthly instalments. This applies to buying flights with PayPal Credit. So you can choose a promo discount code and add it to the Promo Code box at the checkout page when selecting PayPal and PayPal Credit.

Can I make monthly payments on airline tickets?

Monthly payment plans are accepted with the travel website Alternative Airlines. They can be used when searching and booking for domestic, international flights or multi-city trips and pay the ticket prices back in monthly instalments. Different airline ticket payment plan options to choose from can be processed quickly when making your reservation online. So you have access to destinations around the world with the chance of paying on layaway. If you fancy a holiday to Egypt, you can fly on Air Cairo combined with other airlines and pay off the airfare with the flight payment plans offered.

Book flights today and make monthly payments for flights with Alternative Airlines.

What travel agents offer airline ticket payment plans?

Alternative Airlines is an online travel agency that offers various payment plans for financing airline tickets, when making flight reservations at checkout. You can select any flight on over 600 airlines and choose a payment plan method to finance your flight ticket. Airlines can include Caribbean Airlines, China Southern Airlines and Delta. Choose Affirm, Klarna, Afterpay, PayPal Credit or Zip at the checkout. You can buy flights to Australia on layby for example. The flight booking website offers any Scoot or Australian airline tickets on layby which means you can choose the flight that is suited to you and pay the airfare later in instalments.

Are airfare payment plans available?

Airfare plans available include Affirm, Zip, Afterpay or Klarna for travellers based in the US or Canada and PayPal Credit or Zip if you are based in the UK and PayBright in Canada. Airfare payment plans are convenient and flexible ways to reserve flights and be able to pay off your travel expenses for you and family or even for corporate travel. The payment plans can be used to pay for either international or domestic airline tickets in instalments with Alternative Airlines, on airlines such as Frontier airlines, Volaris, Southwest Airlines tickets and more. This means you can buy your Southwest airline ticket now and pay off later in instalments, for example.

Can I pay for flights in instalments?

Yes with Alternative Airlines, theonline flight searchaccepts different payment plans and layaway options for airline tickets found on the website. So you can book your flights and pay off in either in short bi-weekly or monthly instalments at the checkout. Flight instalment plans includeAffirm,PayPal Credit, Klarna and more depending where you are based and where you are flying from. So, for example, you can buy flights to Las Vegas now and pay off in monthly instalments on airlines such asVirgin Atlantic,Norwegian AirorDeltaand pay back over time through Alternative Airlines.

When your application is accepted, you will be able to even fly off to wherever you want to go and pay off your flights later.

Where can I pay for flights in instalments?

Flight tickets paid back in instalments can be bought at Alternative Airlines. You can select your flights and choose either PayPal Credit, Afterpay, Affirm, Klarna and more to pay back the flight payments in bi-weekly or monthly instalments, for any vacation or trip.

What are layaway flights?

Layaway flights are airfares that are paid off in either bi-weekly instalments or monthly, which are also known as layby flights, and are accepted as forms of payment with Alternative Airlines. Instead of paying for airline tickets in one full transaction, you can choose to pay them off later in a payment plan that suits you. If you choose Affirm as a plan, then payments can be paid back in 3, 6, 12 or 18 monthly instalments and at 0% APR. Note that a down payment may be required. Depending on the flight ticket payment plan you choose with Alternative Airlines, the instalment plan will differ as well as the amount required to pay each time.

Using layaway for your airline tickets lets you can pay the flight ticket balance in as many as instalments that you want.

Can I buy layaway airline tickets?

Yes buying airline tickets on layaway or layby is simple to do with the flight booking website Alternative Airlines. All you need to do is find flights in the search bar above of the airport you want to depart from and fly to and select from the wide range of airline results that are offered. When you reach the checkout, choose from the layaway payment options available, whether you want to pay flight tickets off monthly or pay in 3 or 4 instalments using Affirm, Afterpay, Klarna, Zip or PayPal Credit. Flights can include Delta Airlines, American Airlines and many more, and choose to have your flights put on layby at the checkout. Please note that a soft credit check will be carried out after your application and will be responded to in a matter of seconds.

Where can I apply for layaway flights?

Flights on layaway (layby) can be applied for processing at the point of reservation without leaving your device. Once you have selected the flights you want, you can choose to pay them back in monthly or shorter instalments at the checkout by selecting either Affirm, Zip, PayPal Credit, Zip or Klarna. The layaway options are also like using a flexi-payment option, where customers have the choice to pay in instalments, depending on the amount of their flight ticket prices.

Can I get airline tickets on layaway?

The flight search website Alternative Airlines offers layaway options (or layby flights as it's also known) on airfares from over 650 airlines at the checkout. By selecting an option to pay in bi-weekly or monthly instalments at the checkout, the layaway process on airline tickets can begin. Airline tickets that you can layaway for example include American Airlines, United, British Airways and many more. Your application will be decided in a matter of seconds and then your flights are booked!

Which travel agents accepts layaway flights?

The online travel agent Alternative Airlines accepts layaway (layby) flights and offers a choice of payment plan options from over 650 airlines as a convenient and flexible way for travellers to pay at the checkout. UK based customers can choose PayPal Credit, Zip or Klarna to buy flights now and pay off later (even after your trip!). If you are in the US, you can choose PayPal Credit or Affirm to buy your chosen airline tickets now and pay over time. There is expertise in travel agent support to help you with the process too.

Can I buy Delta flight tickets on layaway?

The flight booking site Alternative Airlines allows you to place Delta Airlines tickets on layaway. So you can reserve any Delta flight flying anywhere and pay back the ticket price later on finance with Affirm to allow customers to take out loan on air travel and pay back in instalments. Or reserve Delta flights on layaway with PayPal Credit, or Klarna in 4 instalments over 6 weeks.

Can I pay with Euros for a flight payment plan?

You can use only use Euros with PayPal Credit (Germany only) or Klarna when choosing a flight payment plan. All you need to do is select the airline tickets that are suited to you via www.alternativeairlines.com and choose to pay the flights in Euro currency. You will be told how much is required to pay off the payments during the PayPal Credit application.

Are there travel payment plan options available?

You can choose from a range of travel payment plans to place your flights on layaway, on over 650 airlines, with Alternative Airlines. Payment plans available for airline tickets are Affirm (if you are a US customer), Klarna, Clearpay or PayPal Credit (if you are a UK resident). They allow for placing flight tickets on layaway and are handy for even when you want to catch the red eye for a long-haul journey or for your next vacation. So you can choose to buy flights now and spread the cost of the airline tickets before or even after your air travel. Customers must be over 18 years old to begin the airfare layaway process.

Can I buy international and domestic flights on credit?

Both international or domestic flights can be bought on credit, through Alternative Airlines. The flight search website accepts loans for paying off airline tickets in instalments with a range of flight payment plans are offered. Please ensure you have understood the terms of each flight plan that is suited to you. You can still use PayPal Credit if you are not based in the UK or US but paying wanting to purchase in US Dollars or GBP.

Can I spread the cost of my flight in weekly instalments?

Absolutely! Alternative Airlines has partnered with a number of Buy Now Pay Later options that let you break up the cost of your flight ticket in easy weekly instalments. Whether you're looking for a payment plan for international flights or domestic flights, Alternative Airlines can help you finance your next trip away!

How long can you finance a plane ticket?

This all depends on the financing plan that you choose at checkout. We have a range of different payment plan options that let you split the cost of your flight over weekly, bi-weekly and monthly repayments. Select the financing option that best suits you and your financial situation.

Please note that the payment plan provider available at checkout will depend on the country in which you reside and the currency you will be paying in.

Can I pay in AED for a flight payment plan?

Yes... only at Alternative Airlines. When you book through Alternative Airlines you can pay for flights in AED and slice the cost over time. If you wish to pay in AED and spread the flight fare over time, simply select Tabby or Postpay as your preferred payment option at checkout.

Tabby and Postpay are payment plan providers available for residents in the United Arab Emirates.

As an expert in the field of alternative payment options for air travel, I can provide detailed insights into the concepts mentioned in the article about buying flights on finance. The information covers a variety of payment plans and options offered by Alternative Airlines, demonstrating a comprehensive understanding of the subject.

  1. Payment Plans and Financing Options:

    • The article mentions various financing options available for purchasing flight tickets, including Affirm, Afterpay, Clearpay, Klarna, Laybuy, PayPal Credit, Postpay, Tabby, TendoPay, Zip, BillEase, Atome, Sezzle, Twisto, ShopBack PayLater.
    • The inclusion of such a diverse range of payment plans indicates a thorough understanding of the market and a commitment to providing flexible options for customers.
  2. Global Accessibility:

    • Alternative Airlines is highlighted as an online flight search that enables customers worldwide to pay for tickets in instalments on over 600 airlines, showcasing a global approach to making air travel more accessible.
  3. Long-Term Financing Plans:

    • The article delves into long-term financing plans ranging from 3 to 36 months, allowing customers to choose a payment plan that aligns with their financial preferences and capabilities.
  4. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

    • The inclusion of a comprehensive FAQ section addresses common queries regarding the process of financing flights. This indicates a commitment to customer education and transparency.
  5. Flight Payment Plans Based on Duration:

    • The article breaks down payment plans based on duration, offering insights into financing options for 3-6 months, 12-18 months, and 24-36 months. This information caters to different customer needs and financial situations.
  6. Flexible Repayment Periods:

    • The emphasis on flexibility in repayment periods, such as weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly options, demonstrates a nuanced understanding of customer preferences and financial flexibility.
  7. Trusted Partners and Ratings:

    • Alternative Airlines collaborates with trusted financial service partners and showcases its "Excellent" rating on Trustpilot, instilling confidence in potential customers about the reliability and reputation of the platform.
  8. Step-by-Step Guides:

    • The inclusion of step-by-step guides for customers on how to search for flights, select payment plans, and complete the financing process adds value by simplifying the user experience.
  9. Global Acceptance of Payment Plans:

    • The article asserts that payment plans can be used with any airline if booked through Alternative Airlines, providing customers with a wide range of options regardless of the airline chosen.
  10. Currency-Specific Payment Plans:

    • The article acknowledges currency-specific payment plans, such as paying in Euros with PayPal Credit in Germany, showcasing an awareness of diverse customer needs and preferences.
  11. Age Requirements:

    • The mention of customers needing to be over 18 years old to initiate the airfare layaway process ensures transparency regarding eligibility criteria.
  12. Variety of Airlines Covered:

    • The article specifies that over 650 airlines are covered, including major carriers like Delta, American Airlines, United, British Airways, and others, demonstrating a wide-reaching service.

In conclusion, the article effectively communicates a deep understanding of the complex landscape of financing flight tickets, providing consumers with a diverse set of options and transparent information to make informed decisions.

Flight Payment Plan Options - Pay for Airline Tickets on Finance (2024)
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